Maine Beer Co: Dinner Release

In honor of today’s Dinner release, the story of the Dinner hunt on April 11, 2015.

maine beer dinner line dark.jpg

Before sunrise. Cold. Wet. Tired. Thirsty.


maine beer dinner line back.jpg

At least we’re not alone: line stretching back onto the road


maine beer dinner line light.jpg

Let there be light!


maine beer dinner keg line.jpg

Line markers


maine beer dinner stamp.jpg

Stamp of approval


maine beer dinner truck.jpg

Moving the goods


maine beer dinner inside.jpg

Glimpse of the inner workings


maine beer dinner line inside.jpg

Grab n’ go


maine beer dinner case.jpg

Mounds of glory!


maine beer co dinner label

Worth it

maine beer co dinner back

maine beer co dinner

Maine Beer Company
525 U.S. Route 1
Freeport, ME 04032
Time: Way too early

Dinner – Double IPA
ABV: 8.2%
OG: 1.069
Malt: 2-Row, Carapils, Caramel 40L, Dextrose
Hops: Citra, Falconer’s Flight, Mosaic, Simcoe
First Brewed: March 2014

Beer Advocate: 100
Rate Beer: 100


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